Prayer Requests – February 2014

February 3, 2014

Support for our family on this missional journey comes in many forms. Prayer is a huge part of ministry support and we are grateful for every person that is willing to take the time and partner with us in this way. Here are the latest prayer requests from our family:

• Please pray for our support raising efforts, specifically that we could hit 60% of our monthly support needs by the first of March. We are currently at 35% and holding. This is an important goal for us, as it would allow for us to make some specific pre-deployment plans for fall of this year. We need to attend the 3-week Missionary Training Institute course in August, and hitting this goal would mean being able to go ahead and lock in a spot for our family.

• Please pray for several events that we have coming up soon. We will be playing and speaking at the church of Brent’s youth, West Hills Baptist in Knoxville on February 12th. We are beginning the planning of another St. Patty’s Day party for March 15th. We also will be playing at Benton Station Baptist Church in Temple’s home town of Benton TN on March 23rd. Please pray that these events go well and that we might connect with more new people and bring them on board as monthly & yearly partners.

• Please pray that we might have more people connecting to our 50@50 program, where we are trying to find 50 people, families, businesses or other groups to donate $50 a month toward our mission. If we could find 50 partners for this plan, we would hit our 60% goal.

• Please pray that we might find 2-3 large financial partners to plug into the upper levels of our giving pyramid. It would be a huge blessing to see a couple of high-level partners fall into place. A partner at the $1000 a month level would take our monthly percentage up 10% in one move. Ask that God might call some folks into that level of generosity.

• Please pray for our communication at this critical step in our ministry. Ask God to give us the right words, the right music and the right avenues to successfully share the message of the importance of evangelism in London and specifically in the South Asian community. Pray that He will show us how to help people understand that our mission is not about us, but about sharing the Love & the Light of Christ in a very dark place.

• Please pray for our family and our financial and emotional needs through this process. It is a tough season trying to live with one foot in one world and one foot in another. Plans have to be held up, ends are hard to make meet and a certain amount of limbo is required just to keep all of the plates spinning. We believe that God is in this with us and we have seen Him show up for us many times, but faith is sometimes elusive and we need ours renewed daily.

• Please pray for New Life Masih Ghar and the work that they are doing in Southall.

• Please pray for our calling, that we might hear clearly the voice of the Lord in all of the plans and decisions we make. And that everything that we do might glorify the Lord.

Thanks so much for your continued support of our family on this missional path that we are on.
We could not do this without you.

Temple, Brent, Aria, Aja & Koa Cundall