An Exciting New Chapter

Hey everyone!

Temple and I and our family are very excited to be starting a new chapter of our missional journey to Southall. As of October, we are now working full-time to raise the support needed to get us to London in 2014.

Because of the generosity of our current ministry partners, we have accumulated enough money and have enough recurring support coming in to allow us to take a full-time salary as “musicianaries” with World Harvest. This allowed me to quit my design job and focus entirely on getting our family onto the mission field.

This was an answered prayer for us on several levels and came out of the blue, during a time that we were struggling. We feel so very blessed to be able to focus our time and resources to reach our goal of 60% of our monthly needs be the end of February 2014. If we can meet that goal we will be on track to deploy to London in the Fall of 2014. We are currently at 27% and rising.

Be sure to come to the “Venture To Serve” event at Christ Community Church at 11:00 am on Sunday November 24th, where we will be speaking and showing a video about Southall and our ministry there.

Thank you all so much for your support of our family through this journey.

We are blessed by the generosity and care that we receive from all of our ministry partners.


Brent, Temple, Aria, Aja & Koa Cundall