Our family is currently serving as musicianaries in the South Asian community of Southall, London. We work  with several Serge church plants around London, while also working as “tent-makers”. This involves teaching music to kids in one of the most culturally diverse, yet still English-speaking, communities in the world.

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Who Are Temple and Brent?
Temple and Brent Cundall, are “musicianaries” from Tennessee with 3 children, ages 10-17, who use their gifts to serve with SERGE in London, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.

What Do They Do?
Temple is an amazing singer who teaches pre-school music in and around Nashville. She studied musical theater at UT Knoxville and she worked professionally as a singer and dancer at Dollywood, in East Tennessee. Brent is a multi-instrumentalist who has worked in and around the music industry since studying jazz at UT Knoxville in the early-90s. He has worked with several CCM artists over the years, including Steve Green, Phil Keaggy and Wes King. He is also a graphic designer, with clients and employers that have included Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, BellSouth, TVA & Honda. The couple met while working together as performers at Dollywood in 1995.

What is a Musicianary?
A musicianary is a person who is using their gift for music to serve the community and the Kingdom in some way. The term was coined by the World Music Mission, an organization founded by Brent in 2008 after a powerful mission trip experience in India. The WMM works to put musicians, singers and technicians into service opportunities, including international mission trips and local service at the TN State Women’s Prison.

What Is a Tent-Maker?
A tent-maker, in missional terms, is someone who works at a “regular job” on the ground in their field of missions to help support the work that they do for the Kingdom, like church work, medical missions or other vocational callings. Often tent-makers work part-time at one job, while working for a church or other mission agency the remainder of their time.

How Does This Work For The Cundalls?
Life for the Cundalls in London involves working for a SERGE church plant in Southall, one of the largest South Asian communities outside of India. They work as worship leaders and assist with communication and design needs for the church as well. They also spend time tent-making, by teaching music in the area. Temple teaches pre-school music through her start-up “MusicTots” and Brent teaches music in a local high school. Brent has also started a recording studio for the church and is currently working on the production of an Asian Fusion worship music project.

Why Are They Doing This?
The Cundalls feel strongly that God has called them to use the unique gifts that He gave them to serve in the Kingdom. Temple and Brent have hearts to serve. They also have a deep love for the people and culture of India. The path that they are on has been directed by prayer, service, connections with mission organizations, personal convictions and a Scriptural mandate to “Go therefore…”. It is with great gratitude for the blessings that God has bestowed on their family that they seek to give back and pay forward in the form of missional service in the UK with SERGE.


How Can You Help?
There are several different ways to support this family on their path to service. The most important way is by partnering financially to support the Cundalls. This can be done easily by signing up for a monthly or yearly recurring donation through their sending agency, Serge. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made through check, EFT (electronic funds transfer), online giving or credit card. Another way of support is by hosting a house concert before they deploy. That usually means inviting a few friends over and having Temple and Brent perform and speak on their calling to missions. And, of course, prayer support is needed and greatly appreciated as this family prepares to take a bold and scary step into service for the Kingdom, the city of London and the community of Southall.


If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to contact Temple & Brent through the contact form on the sidebar of this page.