Worship With The Nations

Serving with the NLMG Worship Team

One of the principle ways that we serve the church in Southall is by working with the New Life Masih Ghar worship team. Each Sunday Temple and I rehearse and perform with a group of folks from India, Pakistan and the US, bringing Asian and English worship tunes to the congregation. Recently we have been asked to actually lead the team, choosing the songs and directing the rehearsal.

This part of our service here is very special to us. It allows us to bring our gifts of music to NLMG. It also allows us a brief glimpse into a vision of Revelation, in which all the people-groups of the world worship together. Sharing in multi-cultural worship with a group of believers from around the world is very powerful and moving for us.

Take a minute and enjoy this video clip of the NLMG worship team in action from a recent Sunday service.


Music Tots & Mount Avenue Recording

We would very much appreciate your prayers as two of our business/ministry initiatives get started here in Southall. First, Temple will be starting her first MusicTots class next week. These pre-school music classes allow Temple to serve the community, using her experience and the curriculum from The Music Class. This is the program that Temple worked with in the States. We are very excited to see this program beginning here in Southall.






Thanks to the help of sound engineer and good friend, Randy Gardner, who generously gave a week of his time to serve with us here in London recently, we are now able to record music at the Mount Ave. Recording Studio. This is a facility owned by NLMG that will be used for recording and producing a Hind and Urdu-spoken worship project in the near future. We still have some finishing touches to add, but the facility is very close to fully functional. This is a very exciting opportunity for us to make and distribute music and we are thrilled to see what God does with this.










Prayer Requests

This is a very tough season for us right now. We are all struggling with different issues and your prayers would mean the world to us. Here are several specific things that we would ask you to pray for:

1. Aja is battling insomnia. Not sure what’s up but we are guessing it is stress related. This is causing much stress for us and we aren’t exactly sure what to do about it.

2. Please pray for provision. We are struggling getting money flowing here. Business startup is taking longer than planned, due to unforeseen difficulty. We have to get this moving soon or we can’t stay.

3. Pray for Temple and I as parents. We are struggling with guilt over all that this situation is doing to our kids. We are feeling out of our depth with the kids right now. We need wisdom and peace to work through this.

4. Pray for more support from home, financially and emotionally. We have had some slim months on the support front and need to add some more supporters from the States. We are also missing folks from home a lot. It really means a lot when folks reach out to us.

5. Pray that we can truly trust and depend on God. We are trying to do too much ourselves, when we really need to believe and act out what we preach about reliance on God, leaving the outcomes to Him. This is very important for us to begin to live out daily.


Thank you for your continued support of family and our ministry in Southall.



Service In Southall

Service In Southall

Glimpses of a typical week here in London

Hello everyone!
We are now almost two months into our time here in Southall. It has been one of the hardest, yet most blessed times we have ever spent as a family. We are still adjusting to life here in many ways. The kids have started school and our house is finally coming together into a real living space. This has taken longer than we had planned so our music school is slow to get the wheels up. We are working hard now to make that a reality.

We wanted to share with you what a typical week of service looks like here in London. Obviously, every week brings it’s own difficulties and opportunities, but this glimpse into our lives here while serving with the team at New Life Masih Ghar should help to paint a picture of some the great things that we are a part of and that the church is doing in this amazing, multi-cultural community.

This is our busiest day, of course. We arrive at the church around 2 pm to set up the instruments and PA system. We then rehearse until 4, when Sunday School starts. The service starts at 5 pm and usually features several Western worship songs and several Asian worship songs. Temple and I recently led worship and directed the team, which was an exiting opportunity for us. I have been playing drums mostly, but switch to bass or guitar as needed. The service is followed by a fellowship dinner which is open to the community and features some amazing home-cooked Indian food. Our family usually makes it home around 8:30 or 9 pm, tired and  blessed by the busy day and the connection to our church family here.

Monday mornings the team meets at the Mount Ave. studio for it’s weekly team meeting. We debrief on the Sunday service, including going over a list of visitors to reach o
ut to, as well as prayer requests that need to be addressed. This time of prayer and connection is followed by lunch and a “Book Table” set-up, either in Southall or Hounslow. Volunteers hand out tracts about Jesus and talk with interested people about our Christian faith and our beliefs. Many connections have been made through this outreach in the community.
Tuesday morning features the NLMG Mom & Toddler Group, which Temple has been serving with. This group is attended by local Moms & their kids and gives them a chance to get out of the house and enjoy a time of fun and fellowship. This group is often attended by ladies of Hindu, Sikh & Muslim backgrounds and allows the NLMG team to serve them and their children through fun activities, fellowship and music.

On Tuesday afternoon we take the kids and serve with the Heston Kid’s Club at the church. This after-school activity is for the younger, school-aged kids and features fun activities, such as football, crafts, Legos as well as a Bible lesson. This outreach activity has brought in many kids from different backgrounds and religions. Recently one of the kids attending the group was given his first Bible to take home.

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAYaja_koa_school

Although we don’t serve directly on these days, they are still busy days for us. A typical morning during the week means getting up to catch the bus by 8 a.m. to get Aria, Aja and Koa to school. Aria’s commute is 5 minutes by bus, and we sometimes walk it down. Aja & Koa’s school is further away and that means a 15 minute bus ride and a ten-minute walk, including crossing over one of the busier motorways in the area. That trip is repeated every day at 3 pm to get the kids back home. The kids are settling in at their schools, but your prayers are appreciated for all three of them, as this transition has been pretty huge for them. Their schools are very large and mostly Asian. They are the only American kids in their schools, and very much a minority as Christians, being surrounded by mostly Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

On Friday evening Aria and I attend and serve with the Heston Youth Club. This group is for teenagers and features fun stuff like group activities, pool and table tennis, popcorn, Wii games and a Bible lesson. This outreach activity usually includes 15-20 kids and gives the teenagers a fun thing to do on a Friday night at the church.They are exceptional kids from the community and we are looking into the possibility of starting a music group with some of the folks. This is just another special way in which NLMG is sharing the light of Christ in a tangible way in a community that very much needs to see it.

Hopefully, you now have a better look at what our life is like here in Southall. We are busy most days, either serving with the church or emptying boxes and trying to organize our lives here. There have definitely been struggles and more than a few tears, but the Lord has blessed us in many ways and shown up for us more times than we care to count.

We want to thank all of you for supporting us and allowing us to serve in this wonderful, diverse community!

– Please pray for our kids and their adjustments into the schools here. This has been difficult on many levels. Especially for Koa, as he has been home-schooled up to this point. Pray for peace for them in the transition and that they would make some good, close friends soon.

– Please pray for our efforts to start our music school here and generate some income. This is a vital component to our staying here on the ground and it is taking longer than we had originally planned. Please pray that the details come together and that we can start classes soon.

– Please pray for peace for our whole family. This time has been very stressful for all of us in different ways. Pray that God will grant us rest as needed and peace for our family through the adjustments.

– Please pray for the good work being done at New Life Masih Ghar to continue and grow. The church is a beacon of the Light of Christ in a very dark place. Pray that the light will reach people and pull them toward a relationship with Jesus.

PRAISE: A word of praise and thanks for the prayers for Temple. Her jaw problems have almost fully healed and she is able to sleep much better lately. This is a huge thing for us, as it was very painful and distracting for Temple several weeks. God is Good!



A Month on the Field

A Month on the Field

Nobody said it would be easy…

Our family has now been in Southall for a month. This first month has been a lot of things: exciting, rewarding, terrifying, frustrating, affirming and exhausting.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” – Charles Dickens

We all arrived safely the first week of March, including Dolly, our Yorkie. We arrived in Southall to an empty house. The shipping container with our stuff in it would not arrive until three weeks later. So we made do with some air mattresses, yoga mats, a borrowed dining room table and some kitchen goods from the church-run Asha Charity Shops. Basically, camping out in Southall.


Our house is in a great location, within walking distance to several bus stops and a large Tesco store, which is like a Kroger or Target in the States. Our neighborhood is mostly Asian folks and is home to a Sikh Gurdwaras and a Muslim Mosque, both very near our house. The Southall team here has been truly amazing in helping us get acclimated to our new surroundings. We have become close to a very nice Indian family from the church who have been a real blessing to our family. They have helped show us the ropes in many important ways and saved us a ton of money in pointing out the best places to shop in the community for things that we have needed.

We have tried to jump in to serving on the team in several ways. During a normal week, we are serving on Tuesdays with the Mom & Toddler Group and the Kids Group in the afternoon. On Friday nights we serve with the Heston Youth Club, which is a cool group of teenagers from around the community that meet at the church for fun, games and Bible study. On Sundays we serve on the New Life Masih Ghar worship team, which has been a real blast. The worship sets usually contain Western worship tunes as well as Asian worship songs. This is a great opportunity for us to push our musical boundaries.

house_clutterLast weekend our shipping container arrived which was a huge blessing. Our amazing friends on the NLMG team showed up to help us unload it all. The house is now full of boxes as we try to put everything in order in a smaller space than we left in Franklin. It is a work in progress for sure. Prayers appreciated…

We have had some really good times here so far, including great fellowship, amazing food and a trip to the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour with the kids. But this has also been the hardest month of our lives. The sadness of leaving, combined with the “country shock” of trying to adapt into this new UK environment have taken our stress levels to surprising levels. (Having to take a bus everywhere we want to go is a unique and unusual challenge!) We knew this would not be easy, but we are really seeing now how hard it is to move your family to another country and culture. We are affirmed in our call to serve here daily in many ways, but we also struggle daily on many fronts.

We are blessed to be here, no doubt. The Lord is with us and showing up in powerful ways in our lives. We are here because of the shared vision and generosity of many people and we very much appreciate your support. Please keep our family in your prayers as we adjust to new surroundings and work in this amazing, vibrant and many-cultured community.



– Please pray for peace for our family. This is a hard time for everyone and we need the supernatural touch of the Lord to bring us peace during this time.

– Please pray for discernment as we try to integrate into the Southall community. We have some important choices and decisions ahead of us concerning the kids’ school, our house, our jobs and our lives here in the UK. Pray that the Lord will lead us into the best choices along the path.

– Please pray for Temple’s health right now. She has been grinding her teeth a lot at night because of all the stress and it is causing great discomfort in her mouth and jaw. We have been to a dentist already, but they weren’t really able to help. She now has a mouth guard which we hope will help. This is really painful and really tough for her on top of everything else that we have to deal with.

– Please pray for our kids as they move into their schools in the next couple of weeks. We decided to go ahead and enroll them in local schools rather than home school. This was not an easy decision but we feel it will be good for them. They are a little scared, as we are, about this new world of UK schools. Pray for understanding teachers and good kids to come around them.

– Please pray for our music efforts, both in the school startup and our professional ventures. We really need to start generating some income on the ground here, but that is a slow process which is being help up by our effort to set up our home and family. Pray that doors will open up and opportunities will become available for work for Temple and I.

– Please pray for New Life Masih Ghar and the work that they are doing in this community. It is important work in this area of so many Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs. They are trying to shine the light of Jesus love in a dark place. Pray that we may add something to this team that will help the great things they are doing.




Crunch Time

As we wind down another school year and look toward summer, our family finds itself in a critical season for our ministry. Thanks so much for your continued support of our family in our efforts to deploy to the mission field in Southall, London. We have a very important prayer request that we would like to share concerning our ministry.

Our sending agency, World Harvest/SERGE, has informed us that we will need to raise our monthly support levels to 60% by the end of May, or we will not be able to continue on the path to full-time missional service in London. They want to see us make it, but they also don’t want to see us spending the rest of our lives raising support if God has a different plan for us than full-time service in London.

We are currently at about 45%, so we need to raise around $1500 a month worth of new support in the next three weeks. Specifically, we very much need more recurring monthly and yearly support to come in. This means we need new partners to sign up and current partners to consider increasing their giving levels.

This is serious crunch time for us.

But God has shown Himself often to us in this walk and we have no reason to think He isn’t with us now.

It’s a very daunting goal. But God has shown Himself often to us in this walk and we have no reason to think He isn’t with us now. We have put our noses to the grindstone in order to do everything we can to make this work. Letters, emails and phone calls are going out all the time in hopes of getting time with folks to share our mission and our need. Your help in spreading the word about the situation would be greatly appreciated. And, of course, your prayers.

Please pray for connections to be made with the right people. Please pray for people to step up in new and generous ways. Please pray for God to show Himself in this, however it all works out. Please pray for discernment for us in how to move in these waters. And Please pray for peace for us in the process.

Feel free to contact us directly about any of this. There is a contact form at the top of this page. We are currently booking lunches, coffees, dinners, house concerts, anything just to get in front of people to share what we are doing. If you have any ideas for us at all, we are open to anything.

Click here to support our ministry online.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated and mean the world to our family. Thanks again for your continued support!


The Cundall Family


Prayer Requests – May 2014

Cundall Family Prayer Requests

Support for our family on this missional journey comes in many forms. Prayer is a huge part of ministry support and we are grateful for every person that is willing to take the time and partner with us in this way. Here are the latest prayer requests from our family:

• Please pray for our monthly support to increase. We are at a CRITICAL phase in our ministry and our ability to hit a 60% goal by the end of May will determine whether we can continue our journey to the full-time mission field in London. We are currently at 40%. We are very much in need of more recurring monthly and yearly supporters. Our sending agency, Serge (formerly World Harvest) really wants to us make it to London, but they also realize that we can’t continue to raise support forever. It is crunch time now and we need to increase our monthly amount by almost 20% to hit the goal. We need some big things to happen.

• Please pray that we can find one or two high-level partners to help get our support levels up. Pray that God would point someone our way who can make a large piece of the pie come together. There are people around us that could do this; pray that we can connect with them.

• Please pray for Temple and I through this journey. We are under considerable pressure right now on several levels because of the mission situation. We have grown closer through this journey, but are also struggling with the inability to see what the next chapter of our life is going to look like. Pray for peace for both of us.

• Please pray for discernment for both Temple and I. Help us to see God’s plan in all of this and to make the best decisions that we can according to that plan.

• Please pray for our children: Aria, Aja & Koa. This is an unsure time for them as well and we don’t have a lot of answers for their questions right now. Help us to keep them in place as our first ministry and pray that they are able to see God in the walk they have been put on by their family.

• Please pray for provision, both financial and emotional. Times are very tight but we are also blessed in many huge ways. God is good.

Thank you for your continued support of our ministry to serve in Southall. Your prayers are felt everyday and very much appreciated as we seek to serve in the Kingdom.


Brent, Temple, Aria, Aja & Koa Cundall


Prayer Requests – March 2014

Support for our family on this missional journey comes in many forms. Prayer is a huge part of ministry support and we are grateful for every person that is willing to take the time and partner with us in this way. Here are the latest prayer requests from our family:

• Please pray for more monthly and yearly support to come in to our ministry. We have been very blessed by the generosity of our partners through this journey, but we still have a long way to go to deploy to London. The key to it all is monthly and yearly support. Without that, we cannot make it to London. We are currently at 40% of our recurring support goals and we are seeking partners at every financial level to partner with us. Specifically, pray that some high-level, large financial partners would come on board.

• Please pray for a successful St. Patrick’s Day Party and Silent Auction at the home of Pauline and Billy Taaffe on Sunday, March 16th. The event will be held after church that day, from 12:30 to 4:00 pm. Last year we raised over $7000 with this event. This year we are hoping to raise more in recurring support. Pray that we have good attendance and that a large number of folks decide to jump on as partners through the event. Also please pray for the work that we need to do leading up to the event. There will much to do.

• Please pray for wisdom for us to know how best to raise the remainder of our support as well as the strength to do the uncomfortable things that go along with the process. Neither Temple or I are excited about the process of asking people for their money for our ministry. It is hard and troubling and pride often gets in the way. Pray that God will give us discernment on who to approach and how best to approach them concerning partnership with our ministry.

• Please continue to pray for financial provision for our family through this process. Money is always tight as we are only able to pull a relatively small amount from our support for our current salary, which means that, technically, we are living below the poverty line most of the time. Freelance work and Temple’s teaching is helping to make ends meet, but it is often hard to work it all out.

• Please pray for the emotional health of our family through this process. The stress of living with one foot in the reality of today, while having another foot in the “what if” of London deployment is real and often hard to deal with. We are blessed to have counseling available through CCC, but it is still a very hard place to be when you are unable to truly plan for the next chapter of our your family’s life. It is a lesson in faith, to truly rely on God’s provision each day. We are currently closer to God  and more reliant on Him than we have ever been, but there are many days when we fail in that faith lesson. Pray for us on those days.

• Please pray for Temple and I as we work through SonShip training with World Harvest. It is a rich and valuable teaching and we are grateful to have the opportunity to go through it together. It is also a deep and sometimes painful process as we study our broken-ness and our personal sin patterns through the lens of the Gospel. Pray that God will give us discernment and strength through the process.

• Please pray for our children. Aria, Aja & Koa are our greatest blessing and our first ministry. Pray for them through the instability and uncertainness that this journey brings.

• Please pray for our extended family, who support us in many different ways on this walk of faith. From financial to emotional support, they walk with us even though they can’t actually hear God’s call for us themselves. We would be lost without them.

• Please pray for New Life Masih Ghar and the wonderful work that they are doing in the South Asian community of Southall. Pray that God would be making a place for us there in that church family and that His light would shine through each person involved in the ministry there.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support of our family on this journey to missional service.


Prayer Requests – February 2014

Support for our family on this missional journey comes in many forms. Prayer is a huge part of ministry support and we are grateful for every person that is willing to take the time and partner with us in this way. Here are the latest prayer requests from our family:

• Please pray for our support raising efforts, specifically that we could hit 60% of our monthly support needs by the first of March. We are currently at 35% and holding. This is an important goal for us, as it would allow for us to make some specific pre-deployment plans for fall of this year. We need to attend the 3-week Missionary Training Institute course in August, and hitting this goal would mean being able to go ahead and lock in a spot for our family.

• Please pray for several events that we have coming up soon. We will be playing and speaking at the church of Brent’s youth, West Hills Baptist in Knoxville on February 12th. We are beginning the planning of another St. Patty’s Day party for March 15th. We also will be playing at Benton Station Baptist Church in Temple’s home town of Benton TN on March 23rd. Please pray that these events go well and that we might connect with more new people and bring them on board as monthly & yearly partners.

• Please pray that we might have more people connecting to our 50@50 program, where we are trying to find 50 people, families, businesses or other groups to donate $50 a month toward our mission. If we could find 50 partners for this plan, we would hit our 60% goal.

• Please pray that we might find 2-3 large financial partners to plug into the upper levels of our giving pyramid. It would be a huge blessing to see a couple of high-level partners fall into place. A partner at the $1000 a month level would take our monthly percentage up 10% in one move. Ask that God might call some folks into that level of generosity.

• Please pray for our communication at this critical step in our ministry. Ask God to give us the right words, the right music and the right avenues to successfully share the message of the importance of evangelism in London and specifically in the South Asian community. Pray that He will show us how to help people understand that our mission is not about us, but about sharing the Love & the Light of Christ in a very dark place.

• Please pray for our family and our financial and emotional needs through this process. It is a tough season trying to live with one foot in one world and one foot in another. Plans have to be held up, ends are hard to make meet and a certain amount of limbo is required just to keep all of the plates spinning. We believe that God is in this with us and we have seen Him show up for us many times, but faith is sometimes elusive and we need ours renewed daily.

• Please pray for New Life Masih Ghar and the work that they are doing in Southall.

• Please pray for our calling, that we might hear clearly the voice of the Lord in all of the plans and decisions we make. And that everything that we do might glorify the Lord.

Thanks so much for your continued support of our family on this missional path that we are on.
We could not do this without you.

Temple, Brent, Aria, Aja & Koa Cundall