Dollywood to Bollywood 2015 – Dinner, Concert & Silent Auction

Dollywood To Bollywood 2015
Tuesday, January 13th, 2015
Christ Community Church
1215 Hillsboro Rd. Franklin TN

Dinner – 6:00 p.m.
Concert – 7:00 p.m.

Join us for an evening of Indian food and live music as we host one final big event before heading to Toronto to train in late February, then on to London to serve the first of March.

Dinner is at 6:00 pm and will include some amazing Indian cuisine. Concert starts at 7:00 and will feature Temple & Brent and some VERY special surprise musical guests.

Admission is FREE and there will be a love offering taken during the show, with all proceeds going to the our missionary support fund. There will also be a silent auction with some awesome goodies to pick up while supporting our efforts to serve in Sothall, London.

This looks to be a very special night for our family and we hope that you will join us. It will be one last chance to support the family and to celebrate with us this new chapter unfolding in our lives. Everyone is welcome, all ages, to this fun family-friendly night of music and food.

Hosted by the World Music Mission and Christ Community Church in Franklin.




A Plan For Tent-Making In London

After much prayer, consideration and input from a recent trip to London, we are very excited to announce a new chapter on this journey to serve in London. A plan has come together through the Serge sending center and the London team that would allow us to use 50% of our monthly support needs to work part-time for the churches there. The rest of the time during the week would be devoted to starting a music school that would finance the remaining 50% of our support needs on the ground. The money earned through the music school would be in British pounds chichi is beneficial to us because of the transfer rate.

Our conversations in Southall have pointed us to the fact that there is a large demand for basic guitar and drum lessons in the community but few teachers around to provide the lessons. Combine these lessons with pre-school music classes for the young kids (which Temple teaches now) and then add a “School of Rock” for the older kids and we feel there is a great opportunity not only for financial profit but outreach in the community as well.

We will still be serving three different church plants in the London area as planned. We will be serving their worship teams and their communication needs as well. We won’t be able to do as much as we had planned, but we feel that the potential outreach that could come from teaching music in the community and using the church facilities as the location for much of this teaching more than make up for this. It’s a great opportunity for relationship building with our students and their families and with the larger Southall community.

We are now planning on a January 2015 deployment.

That’s right, only four months from now. There will still be some support-raising to do. We still will need approximately $1500 a month more in monthly support. We hope that you would prayerfully consider coming on board as a monthly supporter now and be a part of this journey with us. And if you are a current supporter, please consider increasing your support here at this vital point in the journey.

We are very close, but we still need your help.

Click HERE to partner with our family on a monthy or yearly basis.


Crunch Time

As we wind down another school year and look toward summer, our family finds itself in a critical season for our ministry. Thanks so much for your continued support of our family in our efforts to deploy to the mission field in Southall, London. We have a very important prayer request that we would like to share concerning our ministry.

Our sending agency, World Harvest/SERGE, has informed us that we will need to raise our monthly support levels to 60% by the end of May, or we will not be able to continue on the path to full-time missional service in London. They want to see us make it, but they also don’t want to see us spending the rest of our lives raising support if God has a different plan for us than full-time service in London.

We are currently at about 45%, so we need to raise around $1500 a month worth of new support in the next three weeks. Specifically, we very much need more recurring monthly and yearly support to come in. This means we need new partners to sign up and current partners to consider increasing their giving levels.

This is serious crunch time for us.

But God has shown Himself often to us in this walk and we have no reason to think He isn’t with us now.

It’s a very daunting goal. But God has shown Himself often to us in this walk and we have no reason to think He isn’t with us now. We have put our noses to the grindstone in order to do everything we can to make this work. Letters, emails and phone calls are going out all the time in hopes of getting time with folks to share our mission and our need. Your help in spreading the word about the situation would be greatly appreciated. And, of course, your prayers.

Please pray for connections to be made with the right people. Please pray for people to step up in new and generous ways. Please pray for God to show Himself in this, however it all works out. Please pray for discernment for us in how to move in these waters. And Please pray for peace for us in the process.

Feel free to contact us directly about any of this. There is a contact form at the top of this page. We are currently booking lunches, coffees, dinners, house concerts, anything just to get in front of people to share what we are doing. If you have any ideas for us at all, we are open to anything.

Click here to support our ministry online.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated and mean the world to our family. Thanks again for your continued support!


The Cundall Family


The Blessings of Raising Support

When my family decided to answer the call to missionary service, we didn’t realize that we had just become professional fund-raisers.

The missionary model of support is a strange one. Some church denominations send missionaries through a centralized board that is financed by each of the churches in the denomination. Missionaries are approved for service in a particular region by this board and funds are allocated for their ministry accordingly. In this way each person tithing to these churches is in an indirect way supporting missionaries all over the world.

That is not how our denomination does it.

Our church and our sending agency, World Harvest Missions, follow a more common model where each missionary must raise their own support before they can be sent to the field. That money is what will get us over to London, and the continued support of our partners is what will pay my salary and keep us on the field. This means that we have to reach out to individuals and churches independently in the hopes that they will “get” our vision and calling and partner with us financially. It is a tougher row to hoe in many respects. Especially since my wife and I are not really wired for asking people to give us money.

I grew up with a work ethic that says that you are paid for the work that you do. Do good work, climb the ladder, grow your skills – then reap the benefits of this hard work and be compensated accordingly. This new model of raising support BEFORE you can do work is in many ways foreign to me. Not to mention that it demands putting a serious check on my personal pride.

But maybe this is a good thing.

Raising support is definitely a struggle. We have no guarantees that the support needed will actually come, so we can’t really plan for the next year of our family’s life. We hope to deploy to London in September of this year, but we also have to make backup plans. This is a very tough space to be in sometimes and my wife and I both struggle with the uncertainty. However, this uncertainty requires that we have a more true dependence on God. We can’t just talk about faith, we have to truly live each day as it comes, believing in God to lead us and provide for us.

But maybe this is a good thing.

This model of support means that we must reach out to many people, in many different ways. We have done concerts, held events like Fun Runs and St. Patty’s Day parties, sent correspondence via mail & every electronic venue available and spoken to churches, Sunday school classes & small groups. This has put us on the road, out of our element and in front of countless strangers, who we pray will not only get this vision, but decide to be a part of it.

It has also put people in our path that bless us in huge and amazing ways. We have partners giving literally thousands of dollars to our ministry. We have met missionaries who have prayed with us and spoken into our lives in very personal and powerful ways. We have performed music for churches and groups and gotten to see the Holy Spirit move through the room. We have seen the movement of the Kingdom through the generosity and support of God’s people around us.

I know that this is a good thing.

While it would be easier for us to accept one large check from a mission board to finance our family and our ministry, it would not lead us into relationship with the amazing folks that are supporting us now and, hopefully, for the next five years. It would not connect us directly to the individuals that are generously sharing their money, their lives and their blessings with our family. It would not allow us to put faces on these acts of generosity and to thank them all personally.

This is a very good thing and perhaps a big reason that we are on this path, no matter where the final destination turns out to be. We pray to be sent to London, but in the end we are blessed just to be on the journey. By going on the mission field, our family is sharing our love for the people of India and expressing our gratitude for the wonderful blessings that God has shared with us, and they are many. We are putting ourselves on God’s time and seeking His plan for our lives.

This is a wonderful thing, even through the struggles.

Brent Cundall
Jan. 21, 2014




2013 Dollywood to Bollywood Fun Run & Free Concert

Bring the whole family for this fun run around the scenic CCC campus and free concert to help support the Cundall family as they prepare to go onto the mission field in the South-Asian community of Southall, London. The concert will feature World Music MIssion musicians and some very special guests. Music will vary in styles, from bluegrass to reggae. Temple and Brent will also perform and talk some about their ministry.

There will also be food available as well as activities for the kids. So please, come out for a Saturday morning of fun on the grounds of CCC.
Date: Saturday, October 5, 2013
Time: Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. Run begins at 9 a.m. Music event begins at 10:30.

Location: Run will happen around the perimeter of the CCC property including parts of the trail by the river.
Concert and other activities will be happening in the back parking lot and around the covered walkway.
Registration: To register for the run, please make a donation of at least $10 to the Cundall missionary account with World Harvest Mission. You can register and pay on-site on the day of the run, or you can make an online donation via the link:

Click to make an online donation to the Cundall’s ministry


Check back here at Temple and for more information as the event gets closer.


Over $6,000 Raised on St. Patrick’s Day!

On Sunday, March 17th we gathered at the home of Billy and Pauline Taaffe from Brentwood TN and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a house concert and silent auction to raise support and awareness for the ministry . Thanks to the generosity of the Taaffe’s and many others from our home church, Christ Community Church, the evening was a huge support. We raised over $6000 for the ministry and planted the seeds for much growth in our mission to London.

The auction included many art items, donated by local artists and photographers, gift certificates from local businesses, and several autographed books and CDs. There was also an autographed harmonica from harmonica master Buddy Greene, who performed some Irish music and joined us for a rousing version of “Wayfarin’ Stranger”. We were seriously blessed by the generosity of everyone who donated items and by those who bid on items as well. The auction generated over $6000 in one-time donations to the ministry.

It was a very spcial night for us musically as well. Not only did we get to share the stage with Buddy Greene, but we also got to play with songwriter/guitarist Gordon Kennedy. Gordon wrote “Change The World” for Eric Clapton and getting to perform that along with music from the Ricky Skaggs record “Mosaic” (which Gordon wrote and produced) was a career highlight for both Temple and I. We are extremely grateful to these amazing performers for taking the time to come by and support the ministry.


We had a wonderful time at the event and were so affirmed by the large crowd that showed up and showed their support for our mission to London. It was a very blessed night for our family and our ministry.

St. Patrick’s Day Party / Concert / Silent Auction! Sunday, March 17 – 6:00 p.m.

We have changed the date of the event so that it is now actually on St. Patrick’s Day!

Please join us on Sunday March 17th for a St. Patrick’s Day Party, featuring a concert and silent auction to raise support for the our missional deployment to London. We will be performing with some special guests and sharing our hearts for missional service.

Come participate in all the St. Patrick’s Day fun, hosted by Irish couple Pauline & Billy Taaffe. There will be food, drinks, music and some amazing items up for silent auction. All in support of the Cundall family’s missional efforts.

Party starts at 6:00 pm and will be held at the Taaffe’s house at 1046 Holly Tree Gap Rd in Brentwood.

Everyone is invited. Spread the word!








Get Music From Temple & Brent At CD Baby This Week – Through August 4th!

For this week only, all proceeds from music sales through CD Baby will go toward the ministry. CD Baby isn’t taking a cut!

So if you are interested in picking up some MP3s by Temple and Brent Cundall, now is the time and CD Baby is the place.
Below is a link to our page at where you can pick up the EP “Songs & Scriptures” via digital download.
This EP includes the version of “Psalm 23” heard by millions in the YouTube video “Woman Sings In Labor”.

CLICK HERE to get some music at CD BABY.

Our other music is also available at CD Baby, including our recent release “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”. Search for “Temple & Brent” to get a list of all our music there.

Thanks so much for your continued support. It is especially important to us right now, as we adjust to the loss of our full-time job situation and truly begin to trust in the Lord to support us in this missional calling. Any support that you might be led to offfer, financially or spiritually would be a huge blessing to us and our ministry.

CLICK HERE to support Temple & Brent’s music ministry



Why Support Is So Important This Early In The Mission Journey

As Temple and I continue down the path to missional service in London with World Harvest, a large part of our current efforts involves raising financial support and recruiting partners for our ministry. During these efforts, I have come across a question regarding financial support for us that I would like to clarify and unpack a little. It usually goes something like this:

“So, if you guys aren’t deploying to the field until June 2013, why should we support your ministry now, over a year away?”

Excellent question. We do plan to deploy in June 2013 and, yes, that sure seems like a long way off. In some ways it is, but in others, it really is not that far off.

It helps to understand that the June 2013 is a goal, contingent on us raising enough support to send us to the field. That support has to come in two forms. One of those forms is in “recurring monthly support”. Our recurring monthly support goal is a little over $11,000 per month. This is the amount that we have to have coming in every month to keep us on the field in Southall. It factors in living expenses for our family of five in Southall, as well as ministry expenses to do the work that we are called to do.. That is a very large amount and will take dozens of support partners to achieve.

The other form of support that we must raise is “one-time expenses”, which total over $50,000. This money will cover all of our moving expenses before and after our term of service, lease expenses for our housing, travel to and from London before we deploy, and other ministry set-up costs to get things moving on the ground in Southall. This is also a large amount of money that we are praying that the Lord will provide through generous ministry partners.

It is also a crucial amount in seeing us actually deploy to the field.

Which is why our support partners are so necessary at this stage in the game. All moneys raised until our deployment, whether in one-time gifts or recurring monthly support goes into our “one-time expenses” account. So if a partner is currently supporting our ministry with $100 a month of recurring payments, then they would actually be contributing almost $1500 to the $50,000 needed to get us to the field. Once we go full-time as missionaries, that amount would then go toward our regular monthly support needs.

That is why we are seeking ministry partners TODAY! The work to get us onto the field is already being done and there is a lot to do. We prayerfully hope to connect with partners that see this ministry commitment as ongoing, over 6 years, and currently in motion. The only way that this can happen is through God’s blessing, played out through the generosity of a large network of partners who commit to support us financially regularly and over a long time.

And every amount is a huge blessing, from $5 to $5000. It all will add up to provide the means for our family to answer God’s call in our lives to use our talents and gifts in serving the South Asian community in Southall. Please consider prayerfully becoming a ministry partner with us. All donations are tax-deductible as charitable giving and processed through our sending agency, World Harvest Mission. Your help is needed today and over the next 6 years to make this calling a reality.

Come with us and see what the Lord can do through our family and through your generosity!


Click the link below to go to our support page on the World Harvest site, where you can process one-time gifts and recurring monthly support through electronic funds transfer.