Prayer Requests – March 2014

Support for our family on this missional journey comes in many forms. Prayer is a huge part of ministry support and we are grateful for every person that is willing to take the time and partner with us in this way. Here are the latest prayer requests from our family:

• Please pray for more monthly and yearly support to come in to our ministry. We have been very blessed by the generosity of our partners through this journey, but we still have a long way to go to deploy to London. The key to it all is monthly and yearly support. Without that, we cannot make it to London. We are currently at 40% of our recurring support goals and we are seeking partners at every financial level to partner with us. Specifically, pray that some high-level, large financial partners would come on board.

• Please pray for a successful St. Patrick’s Day Party and Silent Auction at the home of Pauline and Billy Taaffe on Sunday, March 16th. The event will be held after church that day, from 12:30 to 4:00 pm. Last year we raised over $7000 with this event. This year we are hoping to raise more in recurring support. Pray that we have good attendance and that a large number of folks decide to jump on as partners through the event. Also please pray for the work that we need to do leading up to the event. There will much to do.

• Please pray for wisdom for us to know how best to raise the remainder of our support as well as the strength to do the uncomfortable things that go along with the process. Neither Temple or I are excited about the process of asking people for their money for our ministry. It is hard and troubling and pride often gets in the way. Pray that God will give us discernment on who to approach and how best to approach them concerning partnership with our ministry.

• Please continue to pray for financial provision for our family through this process. Money is always tight as we are only able to pull a relatively small amount from our support for our current salary, which means that, technically, we are living below the poverty line most of the time. Freelance work and Temple’s teaching is helping to make ends meet, but it is often hard to work it all out.

• Please pray for the emotional health of our family through this process. The stress of living with one foot in the reality of today, while having another foot in the “what if” of London deployment is real and often hard to deal with. We are blessed to have counseling available through CCC, but it is still a very hard place to be when you are unable to truly plan for the next chapter of our your family’s life. It is a lesson in faith, to truly rely on God’s provision each day. We are currently closer to God  and more reliant on Him than we have ever been, but there are many days when we fail in that faith lesson. Pray for us on those days.

• Please pray for Temple and I as we work through SonShip training with World Harvest. It is a rich and valuable teaching and we are grateful to have the opportunity to go through it together. It is also a deep and sometimes painful process as we study our broken-ness and our personal sin patterns through the lens of the Gospel. Pray that God will give us discernment and strength through the process.

• Please pray for our children. Aria, Aja & Koa are our greatest blessing and our first ministry. Pray for them through the instability and uncertainness that this journey brings.

• Please pray for our extended family, who support us in many different ways on this walk of faith. From financial to emotional support, they walk with us even though they can’t actually hear God’s call for us themselves. We would be lost without them.

• Please pray for New Life Masih Ghar and the wonderful work that they are doing in the South Asian community of Southall. Pray that God would be making a place for us there in that church family and that His light would shine through each person involved in the ministry there.

Thank you so much for your continued prayer and support of our family on this journey to missional service.