Thanks To The West Hills Baprist Church Family

On February 22, we had a very special opportunity to perform and share our hearts for missions at West Hills Baptist Church in Knoxville. This church has a very special place in my heart, as I attended there in high school and was baptized there at the age of 17. We were thrilled to be able to play there, not only for a Wednesday night gathering, but also on the previous Sunday for a large Sunday school class.

It was a blessed time for both Temple and I.

We were blessed by the hospitality and generosity of the folks at WHBC. They welcomed us so warmly at both sharing times that we were immediately put at ease and able to truly share our hearts and our music. The Sunday time was a more intimate affair, with 25-30 folks sitting around in the “old chapel” at WHBC. This chapel was where I had my first introduction to WHBC back in 1983. We were close to the group and able to play without mics or amplification, which was nice and lent an organic feel to the time. Afterwards we talked with several people who really seemed to resonate with the morning’s music and sharing. Then we were asked to come back and lead worship for the children’s group that met in the same space during the regular church time. It was a great time, playing for these beautiful kids and some of their parents, and listening to them sing along with the praise music.

The following Wednesday we returned to Knoxville in the early evening to perform and share in the WHBC Fellowship Hall after the Wednesday night fellowship meal. This time was very special for us, as the audience included many old friends and several family members form East Tennessee. We played and spoke for a little over an hour and we were very pleased with the connections that seemed to be made. Afterwards many people came up to talk with us and their kind words were so greatly appreciated. People said that they really enjoyed the music and were very moved by our talk on the importance of missions and why we are taking our family out on the field.

A huge blessing was bestowed on us after this performance as a good friend and very generous person brought us a large donation to our ministry and pledged to partner with us on a recurring basis. We were floored by his generosity and thrilled to see one of our first big ministry partners coming online. We have a long road ahead to London and the resources needed are considerable, so it was a huge blessing for us to see a step be made down that long road. We are so thankful for this donor stepping up to join our team!

We hope to go back to WHBC again in a few months to follow up on our time there. We are grateful to the church for having and to the church family for their warmth, hospitality and generosity. Thanks so much for having us and we hope to see everyone again soon!