Why Support Is So Important This Early In The Mission Journey

As Temple and I continue down the path to missional service in London with World Harvest, a large part of our current efforts involves raising financial support and recruiting partners for our ministry. During these efforts, I have come across a question regarding financial support for us that I would like to clarify and unpack a little. It usually goes something like this:

“So, if you guys aren’t deploying to the field until June 2013, why should we support your ministry now, over a year away?”

Excellent question. We do plan to deploy in June 2013 and, yes, that sure seems like a long way off. In some ways it is, but in others, it really is not that far off.

It helps to understand that the June 2013 is a goal, contingent on us raising enough support to send us to the field. That support has to come in two forms. One of those forms is in “recurring monthly support”. Our recurring monthly support goal is a little over $11,000 per month. This is the amount that we have to have coming in every month to keep us on the field in Southall. It factors in living expenses for our family of five in Southall, as well as ministry expenses to do the work that we are called to do.. That is a very large amount and will take dozens of support partners to achieve.

The other form of support that we must raise is “one-time expenses”, which total over $50,000. This money will cover all of our moving expenses before and after our term of service, lease expenses for our housing, travel to and from London before we deploy, and other ministry set-up costs to get things moving on the ground in Southall. This is also a large amount of money that we are praying that the Lord will provide through generous ministry partners.

It is also a crucial amount in seeing us actually deploy to the field.

Which is why our support partners are so necessary at this stage in the game. All moneys raised until our deployment, whether in one-time gifts or recurring monthly support goes into our “one-time expenses” account. So if a partner is currently supporting our ministry with $100 a month of recurring payments, then they would actually be contributing almost $1500 to the $50,000 needed to get us to the field. Once we go full-time as missionaries, that amount would then go toward our regular monthly support needs.

That is why we are seeking ministry partners TODAY! The work to get us onto the field is already being done and there is a lot to do. We prayerfully hope to connect with partners that see this ministry commitment as ongoing, over 6 years, and currently in motion. The only way that this can happen is through God’s blessing, played out through the generosity of a large network of partners who commit to support us financially regularly and over a long time.

And every amount is a huge blessing, from $5 to $5000. It all will add up to provide the means for our family to answer God’s call in our lives to use our talents and gifts in serving the South Asian community in Southall. Please consider prayerfully becoming a ministry partner with us. All donations are tax-deductible as charitable giving and processed through our sending agency, World Harvest Mission. Your help is needed today and over the next 6 years to make this calling a reality.

Come with us and see what the Lord can do through our family and through your generosity!


Click the link below to go to our support page on the World Harvest site, where you can process one-time gifts and recurring monthly support through electronic funds transfer.