Worship With The Nations

Serving with the NLMG Worship Team

One of the principle ways that we serve the church in Southall is by working with the New Life Masih Ghar worship team. Each Sunday Temple and I rehearse and perform with a group of folks from India, Pakistan and the US, bringing Asian and English worship tunes to the congregation. Recently we have been asked to actually lead the team, choosing the songs and directing the rehearsal.

This part of our service here is very special to us. It allows us to bring our gifts of music to NLMG. It also allows us a brief glimpse into a vision of Revelation, in which all the people-groups of the world worship together. Sharing in multi-cultural worship with a group of believers from around the world is very powerful and moving for us.

Take a minute and enjoy this video clip of the NLMG worship team in action from a recent Sunday service.


Music Tots & Mount Avenue Recording

We would very much appreciate your prayers as two of our business/ministry initiatives get started here in Southall. First, Temple will be starting her first MusicTots class next week. These pre-school music classes allow Temple to serve the community, using her experience and the curriculum from The Music Class. This is the program that Temple worked with in the States. We are very excited to see this program beginning here in Southall.






Thanks to the help of sound engineer and good friend, Randy Gardner, who generously gave a week of his time to serve with us here in London recently, we are now able to record music at the Mount Ave. Recording Studio. This is a facility owned by NLMG that will be used for recording and producing a Hind and Urdu-spoken worship project in the near future. We still have some finishing touches to add, but the facility is very close to fully functional. This is a very exciting opportunity for us to make and distribute music and we are thrilled to see what God does with this.










Prayer Requests

This is a very tough season for us right now. We are all struggling with different issues and your prayers would mean the world to us. Here are several specific things that we would ask you to pray for:

1. Aja is battling insomnia. Not sure what’s up but we are guessing it is stress related. This is causing much stress for us and we aren’t exactly sure what to do about it.

2. Please pray for provision. We are struggling getting money flowing here. Business startup is taking longer than planned, due to unforeseen difficulty. We have to get this moving soon or we can’t stay.

3. Pray for Temple and I as parents. We are struggling with guilt over all that this situation is doing to our kids. We are feeling out of our depth with the kids right now. We need wisdom and peace to work through this.

4. Pray for more support from home, financially and emotionally. We have had some slim months on the support front and need to add some more supporters from the States. We are also missing folks from home a lot. It really means a lot when folks reach out to us.

5. Pray that we can truly trust and depend on God. We are trying to do too much ourselves, when we really need to believe and act out what we preach about reliance on God, leaving the outcomes to Him. This is very important for us to begin to live out daily.


Thank you for your continued support of family and our ministry in Southall.